Article May 09, 2019

You are no longer passing

Alex Rodriguez kept apologising to photographers at Met Gala

Retired baseball ace Alex Rodriguez found himself repeatedly apologising on the pink carpet at the Met Gala for blocking photographers' shots of his fiancee Jennifer Lopez.

The former New York Yankees star accompanied J.Lo to the high-profile event in New York City on Monday (06May19), when they posed for pictures as a couple, but he was quickly urged to step aside by members of the press as they were more interested in snagging clear shots of the superstar singer/actress.

Admitting he was "one thousand per cent" an accessory for Jennifer at fashion's big night, he said, "I was trying to get out of the way. Honestly, the photographers are like, 'Get out of the way, A-Rod! Get out of the way!' I'm like, 'I'm sorry!'"

Alex insists he was happy to move out of the picture because he wasn't too keen on the dusty pink colour of his tuxedo jacket.

"It was really fun (but) did you see how awful my tux was?" he asked. "It was like, pink...!"

And he fully understands why J.Lo commands the amount of attention she does after being left in awe of her high-energy mini-gig for U.S. breakfast show Today hours earlier.

"The show on Monday was crazy... I was at home watching and... I was supposed to be sleeping because I got in the night before at like, three in the morning, but she had four or five outfit changes (in such a short space of time) - I was tired watching her!"

But the outdoor performance ended up taking its toll on Jennifer: "When she got home, she was so tired, she literally collapsed and just slept for like, five hours," Alex shared.

Jennifer needed every ounce of energy she could muster ahead of the Met Gala as it took her hair, makeup and wardrobe team a full seven hours to help her get ready for the big event, for which she dressed in a beaded Versace gown with fringe detailing, a plunging neckline, and a thigh-high slit. She capped off her look in a matching headpiece and a purple sapphire and diamond Harry Winston necklace, which reportedly boasted more than 129 carats, according to E! News.