Article May 29, 2019

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Ava DuVernay still rarely offered blockbuster directing jobs

Ava DuVernay wants to make more blockbuster movies but rarely receives big directing offers from studio bosses.

The Selma director received an Oscar nomination in 2015 for her work on the U.S. civil rights drama, the first black woman to get a Best Director nod, and is set to direct The New Gods, a DC Comics superhero movie.

However, despite signing a $100 million (£79 million) deal with Netflix and directing Disney's epic fantasy A Wrinkle in Time, she mostly receives offers based on her race and gender rather than the big action blockbusters she'd like to make.

"I don't get offered a lot, and what I do get offered is usually historical or something to do with women and black people," she told The Guardian. "Like, I'm not getting John Wick 3, even though I'd love to make it."

Ava is certain Hollywood is becoming more diverse, but is concerned that talented women are still underrepresented in filmmaking.

"I have a good friend who directed second unit on Star Wars and is kicking a**," she added. "I have a friend who's on Westworld right now. Are there enough of us? No. Certainly not for a lack of women being interested in or capable."

Despite her status as an Oscar nominee, the 46-year-old doesn't place much importance on winning awards, as she feels they're a legacy of white men's domination of the film industry.

"Every filmmaker is told they should care about these things (awards)," she explained. "But the primary inventors of that point of view are white, cis men. When I went to Cannes I was really thinking about my dress, even though I love watching films with other filmmakers and can even say I'd like to show my work there sometime. But I know people who'd cut off their left arm to play at certain festivals and be in certain rooms. I've tried to care about it, but it has no relationship to the things I make and why I make them."