Article Oct 01, 2017

You are no longer passing

Beyonce's makeup artist slams state of the beauty industry

Beyonce's makeup artist Sir John has criticized his colleagues for blindly copying uninspired popular looks.

The Hollywood beauty professional is using his platform as a mentor on new Lifetime network reality TV competition American Beauty Star to encourage his peers to try something different.

"Everyone’s over-contouring (and) over self-tanning," he tells USA Today. "They’re just too inundated with someone else’s look that they lose their identity. I think everyone is so obsessed with one idea of what beauty is. Why are we following the same three people (on social media)? The same contour kit and the same stack of lashes? It should be a bit more diverse."

Sir John is fed up with the culture of searching for trends and style inspiration on social media platforms such as Instagram, and he hopes other makeup artists will put their mobile phones down in favor of sourcing creativity from their surroundings instead.

"Be careful who you're following," he advises. "Taste levels change. The blind are leading the blind at this point. Makeup artists: Don’t just follow other makeup artists. Don’t just follow YouTubers, don’t follow me.

"(Instead) go to a museum, look at a painter, look at an unorthodox view of how you can place blush on the cheek, a wash of color on the forehead, translate it to skin on three-dimensional canvas. If you’re just following the people who are following the people, then you’re never going to have anything to contribute."