Article Jun 25, 2017

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Diane Keaton: 'I was bulimic in my 20s'

Actress Diane Keaton has revealed she secretly battled bulimia in her early 20s.

Now 71, the Annie Hall star admits she even kept her eating disorder issues from her then partner Woody Allen.

Keaton only got to grips with the problem after she realized she desperately needed help, and sought out counseling.

"I was trying to fill a vast hole," she tells the Radio Times magazine. "I had a massive appetite for... everything. Just wanting a lot.

"I can't explain it... but I will tell you why I stopped - I went into analysis with a woman five days a week because it was real bad."

The movie star went on to reveal Woody Allen actually recommended a therapist, but didn't ask why she felt she needed one.

"No one knew," she adds. "I was really good at hiding. I asked him about an analyst. Maybe he did know, but I don't know for sure. I think it came up in a conversation like, 'Maybe I should... Do you know anyone?'"

And the actress admits she didn't open in the sessions at first, dragging out her health issues for a year.

"I didn't tell my analyst (I was bulimic) for a year," she explains. "One day I was lying on my back, not looking at her, and finally I'd had it with myself and just blurted it out and said, 'I'm never going to change ... I'm never going to stop'.

"She didn't say anything. She just let it pass and then I was able to stop because finally I confessed. I was a genius at hiding."

Diane admits her eating disorder from 50 years ago still affects her diet today, adding, "I quit eating meat and fish, so it's a lot about nuts and cheeses. I do love cheese.

"It's weird, once you had stopped being bulimic - and it was a habit for three years - you're strange about food."