Article Oct 14, 2018

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Gwyneth Paltrow doesn't miss acting full-time

Gwyneth Paltrow finds it "so weird" that she doesn't miss acting full-time.

The actress featured in a number of popular films throughout the 1990s, including Emma, Sliding Doors and A Perfect Murder, and won an Oscar for her performance in 1998's Shakespeare in Love.

Gwyneth will reprise her role as Pepper Potts in Avengers 4, due for release next year (19), however, she has now confirmed that she isn't actively seeking out Hollywood gigs and is entirely focused on growing her Goop lifestyle brand.

'Nothing. It's so weird," she said in an interview with U.K. Marie Claire magazine when asked about what she missing about feature films, adding she has recently filmed a cameo for new Netflix show The Politician, created by husband Brad Falchuk and Ryan Murphy. "I actually didn't hate it. But I just don't miss it. The level and breadth of creativity that I have in this job (at Goop) is so bananas, and I'm very fulfilled."

As the owner and founder of Goop, Gwyneth is looking at expanding into new television and fashion categories in coming years. In spite of criticism of some of the “new age” advice promoted by writers at her online publication, the star is adamant that she is a trailblazer in the world of health and wellbeing.

"I remember when I started doing yoga and acupuncture, people thought it was outrageous," the 46-year-old recalled. "When I was photographed with cupping marks on my back, everyone went crazy. I've always been the person who introduces wellness ideas into the culture, and I can see by pattern recognition that people eventually come around."

In addition, Gwyneth reminded her fans that Goop isn't just about health, and the company offers up clothing and homeware too. And as the chief executive officer of the brand, she is determined to learn as much as possible.

"That's all I read," she said of her business-based reading material. "The psychology of this, the culture of influence that, and all these f**king business books.' If you saw my nightstand, you'd be like, 'Where is the nerd?'"