Article Apr 08, 2018

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Jaime King's alleged attacker pleads not guilty

A homeless man accused of attacking actress Jaime King's car and terrorising her son has pleaded not guilty to child endangerment and vandalism charges.

Paul Floyd, 47, was arrested in Los Angeles on Wednesday (04Apr18) after allegedly stomping on the Sin City star's vehicle - while they were inside - and smashing in the back window in an apparent bid to attack her four-year-old boy, James.

He was charged with cruelty to a child by endangering health and a felony count of vandalism.

The suspect was also slapped with a misdemeanor battery charge, and a count of misdemeanor vandalism for damaging another man's 2017 Lexus during his rampage in Beverly Hills.

Floyd appeared in court on Friday, when he denied all claims, reports City News Service.

He faces up to five years behind bars if convicted of the crimes.

King took to social media the day after the scary encounter to thank fans for their outpouring of support as she recounted the harrowing incident, revealing it had left both her and her son "very shaken up".

"The attack was incredibly violent, and my 4 year old son was obviously the target of the individual's brutal attack, which is terrifying...," she wrote.

Jaime also heaped praise on a female friend who had been in the car with them at the time, and used her self-defence training to protect young James "while glass was shattering on him, as the perpetrator jumped on the roof until it collapsed and kicked in windows trying to get to him".

"He threw a bottle at her, hitting and assaulting her, but he couldn't catch her," King added. "Without her bravery and selflessness, I cannot imagine the outcome."