Article Feb 11, 2018

You are no longer passing

Lil Yachty shuns status as rising fashion star

Rapper Lil Yachty does not dress to impress and insists he is never consciously seeking to be fashionable.

The Broccoli hitmaker has landed gigs with some of the most high-profile brands in the fashion industry, starring in sneaker firm Reebok's new Always Classic campaign, the 2018 Pirelli Calendar, as well as being dubbed the creative director for Nautica clothing.

But even though he is making waves as a style icon, the star refuses to take himself seriously as an emerging figure in the industry.

"It's not that serious," he told Fashionista reporters at Reebok's Always Classic event in New York City on Wednesday (07Feb18) night. "I just wear clothes. I don't want people to think I'm a super fashion guy because that's not me."

When Lil Yachty is selecting an outfit, he works with stylist Rox Brown to create a look that is authentic to his personality. He also thinks about the shows he puts on with Sailing Team members JBans2Turnt and Kodie Shane, revealing his main goal with clothing is to wear apparel that he can perform in.

"We ain't like, 'Oh my God, we gotta be the flyest of the fly'. We wear what we like to wear," he notes of his onstage crew.

"It sounds cliche, but honestly, in all seriousness, when we really perform, there's a lot of jumping around, a lot of squatting, because us three as a group, we really like to entertain the crowd," Yachty adds. "We don't just stand there. I jump in the crowd and so does J. We just like to entertain and you can't do it with skinny jeans. No, for real, you can't do it. All that designer stuff, you really can't. We're trying to be comfortable."