Article Feb 11, 2018

You are no longer passing

New Diesel store moonlighting as knockoff shop

Diesel has set up a knockoff shop in New York selling genuine goods.

The Italian label has taken over a store in the Big Apple's famous Canal Street, a shopping district notorious for selling fake designer clothes, bags, and jewelry.

Opening just in time for New York Fashion Week, the Canal Street store is all to do with Diesel's spring/summer 2018 campaign strategy, Go With the Flaw.

"We wanted to bring out our self-irony... and also to slightly mock the current logomania trend, in a Diesel way. We never want to take ourselves too seriously," Renzo Rossi, the president of OTB group, which owns Diesel, told

On offer is denim, sweatshirts, caps, and T-shirts, printed with the misspelled Diesel logo, DEISEL, all carrying a knockoff price tag.

"We are using the power of Diesel to strengthen it even more. The real deal is for those who own a DEISEL item now - it will become something to collect and impossible to find unless you buy it fast on our e-comm before it's sold out," Rossi continued. "We did this for our core fashion customer looking for something that will turn heads and spark questions, while actively taking part in the culture and reinforcing our commitment to go with the flaw. The 'knockoff' price point and the fake store was an experiment to celebrate those brave enough to find their own unique style."

The fashion entrepreneur added that while he has no tolerance for real counterfeit items, being copied is flattering.

"If someone copies you, it means that your brand is worthy and top of mind with consumers, but at the same time we make every effort to protect our brand from counterfeit activity," the 62-year-old stated.

The label has now trademarked DEISEL for its own use.