Article Apr 08, 2018

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Shay Mitchell shrugs off allegations of 'fake' travel posts

Actress Shay Mitchell has brushed off allegations suggesting she's been passing off other people's travel photos as her own.

The former Pretty Little Liars star has been keeping fans updated on her recent trip to China with multiple posts on Instagram, but she came under fire from some followers after realising a few images appeared to have been lifted from other sources, and not given the proper credit.

After she uploaded one snap of Shanghai's Jing'an Temple featuring a group of tourists taking photos of the Buddhist place of worship, a number of people took her to task for seemingly stealing the shot from another Instagram user, who had posted the image - complete with the same crowd - in 2016.

"Jingan Temple, Shanghai," she captioned the picture, which she did not attribute to the original source.

"Stop stealing other people's photos," commented one follower, while another queried, "Did u take this from @shanghainowandthen ?? They posted this in July 2016."

Others simply called Shay out for the "fake" post, as another fan asked, "So are you even really in China?".

Another questionable shot featured two pastel-colored buildings, which she claimed to have been taken in Hong Kong - even though an identical image previously uploaded by a photographer online identified the location as Tokyo, Japan.

"When buildings inspire your next nail polish change #pastels #shaycationhongkong," she wrote alongside the picture, leading to a string of criticism once again.

She subsequently edited her words to remove the hashtag location reference, and apparently updated two other Instagram photo captions to reflect that she did not take the snaps herself, reports Stylecaster.

Shay has since addressed the controversies with a new photo of the actress admiring Shanghai's skyscrapers in the waterside area known as The Bund.

"View so nice it almost looks... fake," she pointedly wrote, although she didn't make any direct comments about the Instagram backlash.

Ironically, Shay, who turns 31 on Tuesday (10Apr18), recently expressed her annoyance at other social media posers for sharing fake content online.

"I love a great food shot and I follow a lot of food blogs," she told in March (18). "But if I ever find out that you don't really eat that food, and you just used it for a photo, that's when I get a little angry - not only because you're wasting it, but because someone like me could have enjoyed it."

"I don't do a lot of food photos, but if I did, know that I ate it, and it was amazing enough for me to post it. I will never just order food to take a photo and then not eat it."