Article Feb 26, 2017

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Sienna Miller's party years hurt her movie career

Sienna Miller has realized that her years of hard partying was "hurtful" to her acting career.

The 35-year-old is now one of Hollywood's most sought after stars, appearing in movies such as American Sniper and mobster drama Live By Night with Ben Affleck.

But before she hit the big time, Sienna was more well known for her social life, and was frequently pictured looking bleary-eyed as she headed home from a night out on the town.

And in a new interview with Love magazine, the British actress has revealed that her career has only just recovered from those wild years.

"I probably could've had all that I'm experiencing now if I'd been savvy and smarter," Sienna admitted. "But I just wanted to have fun and not taper my behavior in any way, and it was hurtful, somehow, to my career."

It wasn't only Sienna who made the most of the 90s by hitting bars and nightclubs though. And she adds that her actions were influenced by the lifestyle around her and the way people like Oasis rockers Liam and Noel Gallagher acted.

"I grew up in the '90s watching everyone getting away with what they got away with," she continued. "I was like, oh, the Gallaghers (did it), f**k it."

Nowadays though, Sienna is more likely to be found spending nights at home in New York with her four-year-old daughter Marlowe. But while it might be considered "boring" by some, the blonde beauty is happier than ever.

However, Sienna previously revealed that while she has been lucky with the roles she's been cast in, she's now keen to play a leading lady on the silver screen.

And with her success in supporting parts, the 35-year-old is ready to take on more principal roles.

"I think I'm ready to play a lead role now," she told The Sydney Morning Herald in a recent interview. "It's always an uphill struggle. There are very few great roles and many great actresses, and to be in that conversation is great. I think I'm on the list, for sure, which is fantastic, but I know that there are a few people who are ahead of me on the list. There aren't many great roles for women and it's a bit of a feeding frenzy when it comes about."