Article Aug 27, 2018

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Jennifer Lopez auctioning off Shades of Blue wardrobe

Jennifer Lopez has offered fans the opportunity to own the clothes off her back by putting her Shades of Blue wardrobe up for auction.

The singer and actress bid goodbye to the TV cop drama, in which she played corrupt cop Det. Harlee Santos, earlier this year (18), and now she is also parting ways with the outfits her character wore onscreen.

TMZ sources claim Jennifer has partnered with the Hispanic Federation and the UNIDOS Disaster Relief and Recovery Program to put her Shades of Blue clothing on the auction block for charity via Screenbid, a website often used for the sale of celebrity costumes.

Fans can get their hands on the clothing items immediately, as bidding has already opened for her character's clothing. The auction officially ends on 9 September (18).

There are several items up for grabs, including the camel pants Jennifer wore on the show, a silk striped blouse and olive jacket, a jeans tank top, sweatshirt and even a pair of black, strappy heels. Clothes and footwear aren't the only things on offer as part of the Screenbid sale - props, such as a coffee mug, nameplate, precinct poster, gun holsters and various other memorabilia from the set are also available.

Clothing and items used by Jennifer's co-star Ray Liotta, are also on sale, with bids starting as low as $25 and expected to hit thousands.

Proceeds from the Shades of Blue clothing and memorabilia auction will benefit struggling families in Puerto Rico, who are still recovering from the devastation of last year's (17) Hurricane Maria, which ravaged the nation.