Article Feb 27, 2018

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Ryan Seacrest Denies New Sexual Assault Allegations, Calls Story "Salacious"

Ryan Seacrest is facing new details of the alleged sexual harrassment he caused for his former stylist at E! News. Despite these new details, Seacrest has come out denying the new details and he has called the new report being "salacious."

In a statement that The Wrap obtained, Seacrest said, “I don’t want to accuse anyone of not telling the truth but in this case, I have no choice but to again deny the claims against me, remind people that I was recused of any wrongdoing, and put the matter to rest.”

The new details came in a report from Variety yesterday. The details came from a November 2017 letter, which was sent to Seacrest, E! and NBC Universal. The letter gave details of the alleged misconduct by Seacrest. In the letter, his former stylist Suzie Hardy claimed Seacreast of “grinding his erect penis against her while clad only in his underwear, groping her vagina, and at one point slapping her buttock so hard that it left a large welt still visible hours later.”

Variety also cited a former co-worker of Hardy's, who happened to say that Hardy described an incident to him in 2008 of Seacrest sliding his hand under her crotch. In Seacrest's statement, he said that Variety did not talk to him prior to the report.

However, Variety co-editor-ib-chief Claudia Eller said, "We asked to speak to Seacrest directly and his reps declined to make him available. Seacrest’s reps claimed to have evidence discrediting the accuser, Suzie Hardy, but refused to provide that as well, citing legal restrictions.”

After the original allegations came to light, E! News conducted a two-month investigation. On Feb. 1, it was reported that there was "insufficient evidence" to support the allegations made by Hardy. 

The new report has come out and it still has had no affect on Seacrest's professional life, as they didn't even mention it on Live with Kelly and Ryan this morning and he is still set to host E!'s Live from the Red Carpet at this Suday's Oscars. He also has hosting duties for the American Idol reboot, which premieres on March 11 on ABC.