Article Oct 09, 2018

You are no longer passing

Jenna Lyons making fashion return with TV series

Jenna Lyons is stepping back into the style spotlight with a new TV show.

The former head of J. Crew is not a total stranger to working on the small screen, having previously acted as judge on The Fashion Fund, as well as nabbing an acting role in Lena Dunham's Girls, but she'll now be at the helm of a totally new series, after teaming with executives at Turner Entertainment.

The unscripted show will be bringing together fashion, home, and lifestyle, with viewers able to purchase what they see onscreen via an e-commerce site.

"There's something about this that is connected, real, fun," Jenna said, according to Vogue. "I am terrified, but that's a good thing; being in unfamiliar territory feels welcome. One thing that is nice, and I am happy about is that there is no legacy here; we have nothing to live up to other than our own expectations."

Jenna left her role as creative director and president of U.S. brand J. Crew in 2017, and while she holds a position on the Council of Fashion Designers of America Board of Directors, has kept largely out of fashion over the last 18 months.

Her new Turner series will air in 2019, and Jenna admitted she's learned a lot during her hiatus.

"In the time I wasn't working, I was helping my friends who'd perhaps bought a new place and wanted to redo the bathroom, or friends who were getting ready for events or for the prom," she shared. "Those were things that might have been easy for me, but sometimes people are too embarrassed to ask for help. The point is, everyone can be beautiful; everything can be beautiful. What's different about this is that I'm not focusing on just one aesthetic - if we redo a room, it could be modern, or preppy, or eclectic, and I can love them all. I'm not selling my idea of what something should be. I'm here to help create."